Bang & Olufsen is celebrating it’s 90th anniversary, so the company decided to celebrate the achievement with a new speaker. But not just any speaker: the monolithic 300-pound, $40,000 BeoLab 90 loudspeaker, which the Danish company says will change the future of sound.


Bang Olufsen’s latest tech product is about to open our eyes, mind and ears on how futuristic speakers can get. This is Bang & Olufsen’s most expensive and extraordinary speaker to date. The speaker was created over two and a half years to produce the highest quality of sound for every listening environment providing a truly immersive experience.


The BeoLab 90 is an aesthetically pleasing 360-degree, 8200-watt speaker with 18 drivers and amplifiers. It also comes with an App that allows you to optimize the speaker for the room that it’s in, called “Adaptive Room Compensation” which is a combination of built-in amplification and digital sound processing which enables the speaker to calculate the environment of the room in terms of positioning and acoustics and then alter its output accordingly which is perfectly balanced (taking into account the furniture as well). Users can control and adjust the sound according to their mood using the “Beam Width Controller” feature that customizes the 360 surround sound to your liking and ambiance.


Each unit costs $40,000, and in order to have the most luxurious experience for your ears and soul you will need to buy a pair at $80,000 making it the exclusive speaker set for your home.


The BeoLab 90 speaker has an unconventional, yet futuristic geometric design built in a way that conceals the 18 individual driver units each with its own amplifier which gives you a 360 surround sound with a power of ground shaking 8,200 watts. The unusual build with the aluminum casket to hold all that power finished with the wooden accents on the base gives a rich texture that also goes with its rich sound quality.


These speakers are built around form and function. Not only will they deliver exceptional sound but are beautiful structures that can shoot audio in all directions giving you the most immersive movie night possible.


Our world is rapidly changing and so is the way we get around. With the recent increase in the popularity of drones the people at Ehang, a Guangzhou, China-based drone company, have developed the worlds first Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV). The Ehang 184 stands for 1 passenger 8 propellers and 4 wings. It is a 142-horsepower “personal flying vehicle” that can transport a single human being from Point A to Point B at an altitude of more than 11,480 feet.


The Chinese firm’s 184 AAV drone, was first featured at this years CES 2016 in Las Vegas. It flies in an inverted U shape and takes off and lands vertically: Basically the AAV flies upward in an arc and then descends, completing the arc and the inverted U shape.


The drone has a landing camera that positions the landing points. Passengers will simply input their destination on the built-in touch screen interface and the drone will plot the fastest and safest course. The drone will only be for short flights of up to 23 minutes and will fly at a maximum altitude of 3.5km, achieving a cruising speed of 62mph.


The AAV cabin has room for one passenger and comes equipped with a control pad, air condition, a reading light and trunk for short to medium transportation solutions.

ehang 184 (5)

The main structure is made of a composite material, along with carbon fiber and epoxy. On the outside, there are lights on each of the four propellor arms (red at the front, green at the back), flashing airline signal lights, a downward-facing video camera, and a headlight.


Availability & Pricing

Pricing: Unknown, but likely between $200,000 and $300,000 USD, according to Ehang.

Availability: Also unknown, and so is it’s legality, however the company addresses legal concerns in its explainer:
“Because the 184 AAV represents an entirely new category of technology, there are regulations and agencies that are still catching up. We are in uncharted waters, and are working closely with government agencies across the planet to develop and regulate the future of transportation.”

More info: Ehang


For those who dream of discovering the world beyond limits, DAMEN has launched the world’s first purpose-built, Polar Code compliant range of expedition yachts with true global capability – from extreme polar to remote tropical areas. The 65 to 100-metre SeaXplorer range promises, life-changing encounters with exotic cultures, majestic wildlife and spectacular wildernesses.


Two of the leading yacht builders in the industry have teamed up to create something spectacular. Known in the superyacht world for its renowned Dutch luxury builder AMELS and its successful Yacht Support range of vessels, DAMEN is a large, financially strong and stable shipbuilder in markets including Harbour, Defence & Security, Offshore and its Yachting portfolio.


Starting from the drawing board, DAMEN has designed every detail of the SeaXplorer range of expedition yachts for life-changing experiences at the extremes of our planet. In the Netherlands, a dedicated DAMEN SeaXplorer team under the responsibility of Product Director Mark Vermeulen has developed the three designs, while AMELS is responsible for sales and marketing.

Real expedition pedigree

“A number of experienced yachting clients approached us about adapting DAMEN’s professional vessels, so we knew from them that there were simply no globally capable luxury explorer yachts out there,” says Rob Luijendijk, AMELS Managing Director. “And that’s also what we heard from EYOS Expeditions who have decades of experience in bespoke luxury expeditions to the wildest places on the planet. So that’s why DAMEN began developing the SeaXplorer. The result is well beyond a pretty rendering. It’s a fully developed range – something only DAMEN could do.”


DAMEN has invested thousands of hours in research and development, ice tank testing, and real expedition pedigree through detailed design input from partner EYOS Expeditions. The instantly recognisable exterior lines were penned by AZURE Yacht Design and Naval Architecture. Plus, the SeaXplorer makes no compromise on the superyacht lifestyle with the Owner’s choice of luxury interior designer.

Global comfort and icebreaking capability

The SeaXplorer is safe and comfortable in any sea thanks to DAMEN’s patented SEA AXE hull design. Plus, while other yachts have to wait at a distance, the SeaXplorer’s Polar Class double-acting hull breaks through the ice. The three models in the range can reach the most remote destinations and enjoy up to 40 days of full luxury service for all guests without port call.


The SeaXplorer carries tenders (including a dive support tender), expedition equipment, toys, submersibles, dive equipment (including recompression chamber) and up to two helicopters. Designed for smooth expedition logistics, the yachts can deploy tenders and toys quickly and safely so guests never miss a chance encounter or spontaneous adventure.


More info: AMELS | AMEL Instagram | AZURE Yacht Design | Damen


The Mercedes-AMG S 65 offers a unique combination of superior performance, stylish dominance and luxurious sportiness. Its AMG 6-liter V12 biturbo engine delivers an impressive output, and the powerful AMG design serves to underscore the exclusivity of the vehicle.  

Engine: V12, twin-turbocharged, hand-built AMG 6.0-liter

Transmission: AMG Speedshift Plus 7G-Tronic

Horsepower: 621

Torque: 738 lb-ft

0-60 mph: 4.0 seconds

Top Speed: 186 mph (limited)



Designers at The Hoshinchu Team in Japan named their creation “Air Bonsai.” It consists of the bottom half called the “energy base” and the floating ball – the “little star.” Both halves have magnets installed so that the “little star” could float with the bonsai on top. This Kickstarter project combines together magnetic levitation, plants and traditional Japanese “monozukuri” (craftsmanship).


The base is made of traditional Japanese porcelain and the bonsai can be replaced with any other plant, if you wish. The project has already surpassed its goal of $80,000. You can still back this project here, with $200 enough to land you a basic starter kit.

Because of the import issues of sending plants between countries, US-based backers will be receiving locally-sourced, tiny pine trees, but there’s nothing to stop you floating different tiny plants of your own. Depending on your aesthetic tastes, you can upgrade the “little star” floating orb, with a particularly attractive lava-stone pot at the top of our shopping list. There’s four designs for the “energy base” that maintains the magnetic field.

And if you’re feeling classy to the extent of $10,000 ,then you can get an exclusive handmade cushion, base and Bonsai “star”, as well as a tour of both a Bonsai garden and the workshop behind the project.

More info: | kickstarter | Instagram


Coco Privé Kuda Hithi Island is an architectural masterpiece.


Perched within some of the world’s most pristine waters, atop a vast underwater mountain range, the North Malé Atoll is truly a thing of beauty. Emerging from the depths of the Indian Ocean like a dream, Coco Privé Kuda Hithi Island is the jewel in the crown of the Maldives– an entire private island dedicated to you. Discover a world where luxury and serenity walk hand in hand; your home away from home. This is your time and your place.

Bliss Coco-Privé-Kuda-Hithi-Island-4b

Situated within the North Malé Atoll just 30 kilometers from the Maldivian capital of Malé, this secluded, secret and serene private island in the Indian Ocean promises to emerge as a top destination for island vacations in the Maldives. Looking at the images, it’s not difficult to see why.


A tremendous feat of classic design and modern architecture, this Maldivian masterpiece is the result of a successful collaboration between the Coco Privé team and the award-winning architect, Guz Wilkinson. Created to inspire a sense of intimacy and enjoyment for every guest, the evocative design of Coco Privé Kuda Hithi Island combines culture and tradition to form a magnificent residence tailored to match your every need.


Offering uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean, the Palm Residence, with its opulent master bedroom and first-class facilities is sure to enchant even the most discerning guests. Mix your favourite drink in the residence’s very own cocktail bar or select a bottle of fine wine from your personal wine cellar before unwinding in the Jacuzzi, looking out over starlit seas.


Rise with the warm Maldivian sunshine before freshening up in either the luxurious shower, safe in the knowledge that your guests are well catered for in their equally well-appointed abodes. Consisting of a flexible mixture of double and twin rooms, the Starfish, Heron and Turtle Villas offer large bedroom suites, luxurious private bathrooms and a decadent shared decking area leading out to the large infinity pool; once again offering perfect panoramas of the spectacular surroundings.

Bliss Coco-Privé-Kuda-Hithi-Island-9b

Bliss Coco-Privé-Kuda-Hithi-Island-7b

Bliss Coco-Privé-Kuda-Hithi-Island-6b






Further to these impressive properties, the stand-alone Gecko and Manta Villas offer the necessary time and space for quiet reflection, ideally located alongside welcoming white sands.

With a personal chef working around the clock to create gastronomic delights for you and your guests, you’re guaranteed tasty treats whenever hunger strikes. Whether you crave traditional or modern fayre, healthy snacks or indulgent treats – your chef is always on hand to cater for your every wish; taking you and your taste buds on an unforgettable culinary journey.


Take your private island holiday experience to another level and create memories which last forever with the Coco Privé Kuda Hithi’s incredible array of activities. Putting you firmly in the driving seat, the various activities at your disposal allow you to explore and enjoy your surroundings at your own pace. Designed to make the most of your stunning surroundings, our deep sea adventures promise kaleidoscopic close encounters with vibrant reefs and their colourful inhabitants. Besides snorkelling, diving, wind-surfing and more, a series of bespoke activity packages* can also be arranged, promising to further exceed your expectations. Choose from sand-bank picnics on welcoming white sands or romantic nights beneath the star covered skies to truly fall in love with the magical Maldives all over again.


Best time to travel
Sun-seekers will be keen to take advantage of the extra few hours the dry season (December – April) brings with it. Temperatures hover constantly around 30 degrees Celsius even between the months of May and November, where occasional thunderstorms provide a welcome respite from the humidity and create a fantastic spectacle across the usually cloudless skies.

How to get there
Despite its exotic location, the Maldives are easily accessible from almost anywhere in south-east Asia, the Middle East and from Europe. With most major carriers offering direct flights to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Malé, your journey to paradise couldn’t be more straight-forward. Upon arrival in the Maldivian capital, you will then be invited to board a luxury yacht in order to make the breath-taking transfer to your private island paradise in a style befitting this enchanting island hideaway.

Prices start at USD 8,000 per night, for two people in low season. Coco Privé Kuda Hithi Island has sleeping capacity of up to 12 persons.

* Bespoke activities may incur additional costs – please enquire for further details.

Please contact us for further information.


Available: Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4. Well equipped with Heated power leather seats, Navigation, Satellite radio, Bluetooth, USB input, Dual SD card inputs, Paddle shifters, Tilt steering wheel, Power windows, Power door locks, Power folding mirrors, Climate control, Keyless entry, Push button ignition, Power rear spoiler, Front end hydraulic lift, Glass engine cover, Back up camera, Front and rear parking sensors, Bi-xenon headlights, LED running lights, Carbon fiber monocoque frame with aluminum front and rear frames, Carbon fiber body pieces, Lamborghini carbon ceramic brake system, Orange brake calipers, Staggered 19 and 20 gloss black alloy wheels. 6.5L V12 mated to a 7 speed automated manual transmission producing 700hp / 507lb-ft.


LONDON — A Claude Monet painting of water lilies sold for almost 32 million pounds (US$55 million) at auction in London on Monday, the second highest price ever paid for the artist at auction and confirming the global hunt is still on for “trophy paintings”, Sotheby’s said.

Inspired by the lily pond in his garden at Giverny in France, the 1906 “Nympheas” at today’s sale was the second-highest ever paid for a Monet at auction. The presale estimate was 20 million to 30 million pounds.


The auction of 46 modern and impressionist works, of which four did not meet reserve prices, brought in just under 122 million pounds, Sotheby’s said.

Helena Newman, co-chairman of Sotheby’s impressionist and modern art department, said the result “was up there with the top end of the estimate”.

She said buyers were especially interested in works from renowned private collections and had come from all over the world.

“I don’t have the full geographical breakdown yet but there was certainly very, very global participation tonight,” she said.

The bidding for the Monet water lilies painted in a square format in 1906 went on for some 10 minutes, involving buyers from Asia, at the packed Sotheby’s auction house in central London, Sotheby’s said.

In its final stages the price went up by 250,000-pound increments until reaching the final all-in price of 31.722 million pounds.

The same work, which Sotheby’s said had set a record for Monet water lilies in a square format, had been offered in 2010 and failed to reach its reserve price. Newman attributed the success of the sale this time to “the fact that the estimate seemed to be more realistic,” although it was still a huge sum of money.

Asked what had driven buyers to fork out such large sums, Philip Hook, senior director of the impressionist and modern pictures department at Sotheby’s, said, “The nympheas [water lilies] selling for such a huge sum is again a reflection that this is still a market that is driven by trophies, that the great works by the major masters are still really sought after.”

The other top-priced painting was a Piet Mondrian 1927 “Composition with Red, Blue and Gray,” which sold for 15.2 million pounds ($25.9 million), or somewhat less than the house’s top estimate of 18 million pounds.

Most of the works on offer, which included paintings by Sisley, Picasso, Manet and Kandinsky, sold at close to the top end of the pre-auction estimates and sometimes above.


This 2011 Ferrari California is finished in a gorgeous Matte White Wrap exterior and Nero (Black) interior with White Stitching



-Steering Wheel Mounted Button Ignition
-Sport Driving Mode
-Manettino-Steering Wheel Mounted F-1 Systems Mode Control
-Ipod Adapter
-Satellite Radio
-CD Player
-Fire Extinguisher
-Carbon Fiber Seats
-Backup Camera
-Rear Parking Sensors
-Paddle Shifters
-2 Keys
-Xenon Headlights

Price $169,888

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