Privé – The Gold Standard

Uniquely designed and crafted by Stuart Hughes Design

Privé International has collaborated exclusively with Stuart Hughes to produce the “Privé Phone” a completely refurbished retro brick phone, not only is a unique retro-style phone brought back to life, but it is also an investment with 76 diamonds IF flawless 23ct , 22ct solid gold circa 900 grams. The phone also is bristling with the latest technology WAP, Text SMS, COLOUR SCREEN. 10 Limited edition phones will be produced one time only. Individuals purchasing this phone will receive a one year free membership to Privé International (value $20,000.00) The phone will come with a Privé-Stuart Hughes Design Box made from granite, individually numbered from 1-10, Including a personal membership card to Privé. Membership will give individuals access to all of Privé ’s luxury amenities, from private jet/yachts charters to vacation properties.
Price – £139,995.00 – $212,400.00USD.

For inquires contact: Privé International

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